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The WhyHR team is growing again to better serve our clients! We’re excited to welcome Jordan Milus to the team.

In her role as an HR assistant, Jordan will support our clients in a wide variety of duties. She’ll help answer client questions and assist with onboarding for new employees and answering any questions employees might have about their new hire paperwork. She’ll also assist with background checks, training, and other client needs.

A native Oklahoman, Jordan attended the University of Oklahoma and earned a degree in Human Relations. While there, she realized her passion for interpersonal skills, particularly the areas of exploring how people operate within a team and understanding group dynamics.

Jordan’s first interest in the HR field began with watching Toby from The Office. She says Toby often gets a bad rap, but his character is a pretty good guy. She began her career in a recruiting position, but then decided to expand into a broader range of human resources rather than focusing on recruiting.

In her free time, Jordan loves to watch football and other sports, and she participates in a fantasy football league. Her favorite teams are OU and the Kansas City Chiefs. In non-pandemic times, she spends her weekends enjoying concerts, and she is looking forward to the return of live music.

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