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Where Business Strategy Meets People Strategy

People matter.

So does your business.

Many business owners think one has to come before the other, but they don’t. WhyHR knows that your people strategy and business strategy should align at every stage of business growth, and we can help you do that. We partner with our clients to create a cohesive, proactive strategy to build the right team and help their business grow.


HR Compliance

Taking the worry out of the ever changing landscape of do’s and don’ts of employment regulations. Allow WhyHR to simplify what’s necessary for your business, and get you back to what you do best.


Forms and Policy Creation

Creating the policies that reflect your personality and set the tone for your business. Allow WhyHR to mitigate the risk with the proper paperwork in place and create the handbook, benefits and job descriptions that makes your business unique.


People Strategy

Culture is everything when it comes to recruiting and retaining employees. We help with recruitment strategies, benefits framework, remote work policies, and effective training for managers and supervisors.

WhyHR Blog

Employee Spotlight: Dezaria Taylor

We recently welcomed Dezaria Taylor to the WhyHR team! In her role as an HR assistant, Dezaria will work to support our specialists in all aspects of client service, including employee onboarding, reviewing resumes and applications, conducting interviews, and...

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Rethinking the Four-Day Work Week

The idea of a four-day work week is making a comeback for some employers, and it’s a common topic of conversation with our clients.

How to Structure Meetings for Better Engagement

You have probably heard employees complain that meetings seem endless, pointless, and a distraction from being able to get things done. Those assessments of meetings can be painfully accurate all too often, especially when meetings meander and the original intent gets...

HR Is a Value Add

As businesses begin, they often start with so few employees that they have no HR department. Small- and medium-sized businesses exist for quite some time this way. As they grow, they eventually find themselves with enough employees that an HR department seems like a...

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