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Many small business owners and managers get caught up in the daily tasks of their business and may overlook foundational pieces of their human resources strategy. Why HR offers multiple on-site presentations to help owners and managers focus on key HR topics to improve employee engagement and grow their business effectively.

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Current Sessions

The Art of Interviewing

Who has time for it, I’m currently doing the work of three people! Who hasn’t been on the awkward side of an interview?! Ever asked a question and really didn’t know why you were asking the question to begin with? We’ll address some of the most common challenges that hiring managers face in the interview process and talk about strategies to overcome them. Also, don’t miss the three must ask questions for any interview in any industry.

Don’t Dread Evaluations! Create a Constructive Process

(AKA Evaluations for a New Generation)

The evaluation process is a powerful tool for any company if done right. But too many organizations simply go through the motions, rather than using evaluations as a strategic tool for growth. In this session, learn how to create a constructive process that benefits employees and the organization.

Culture Vs. Sub-Culture: Why Consistency Matters

Company culture shouldn’t be something that just develops in the background, although it often is. If you’re ready to take charge of creating the right company culture for your business, this session is for you. Clear, concise, and consistent policies are critical for your company’s long-term success. Learn about the importance of policy and consistent management to create the right company culture.

Facing Your Fears About Employee Discipline

Many managers overlook poor job performance or failure to follow policy for far too long because they’re unsure of what disciplinary action they can or should take. This session will address common reservations about employee discipline and equip attendees with the confidence and tools to take necessary action in the future.

Better Meetings for Better Engagement

Meetings are a perpetual topic of debate in the business world, and many managers struggle to identify the best approach to meetings. This session will cover key principles for meetings that can increase both engagement and productivity among your team.

Know Your Data! I’m sorry, I meant your People Data

(Stay and Exit interviews will lead the way)

Many companies conduct exit interviews, but few take the time to analyze the data. Even fewer companies conduct stay interviews. Yet both interviews provide valuable data that can drive decisions to improve employee engagement. This session will highlight key elements of both the stay and exit interview process and how you can leverage that data for retention, attraction and growth!

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