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We are pleased to welcome summer intern Millie Fiasco to the WhyHR team. As you work with us this summer, you may notice her observing and assisting us in many different aspects of our business.

Millie is entering her senior year at the University of Oklahoma this fall, with a major in business management and a minor in psychology. She is excited to learn about the different roles at WhyHR as she considers where she may want to focus her future pursuits. She hopes to learn a lot by shadowing client meetings, observing interviews, and working closely with everyone on our team to learn more about the day-to-day functions of HR.

Originally from Tulsa, her interest in psychology began in high school. In her first two years at OU, Fiasco found herself taking more and more psychology classes in addition to her business classes. She saw human resources as a way to combine a love for business with an interest in group dynamics and how personalities come together in the workplace.

In the future, Millie plans to pursue a graduate degree. When she’s not taking classes and interning, you can find her spending time outdoors with her friends, reading a lighthearted fiction novel, or snuggling her cat.

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