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WhyHR is pleased to welcome Brittany Anderson to our team!

Brittany will be supporting clients on the administrative side to ensure that all employee HR files contain the necessary paperwork and signatures and are well organized. Ensuring employee files are organized and compliant is a key factor in reducing a company’s risk. She will also be helping with policy questions, onboarding processes, and phone interviews of candidates.

We also have a new HR system we are working with, and Brittany will help set clients up on that new system. In addition, she is researching options to streamline the background check process for our clients and their prospective employees.

This added support means we can respond to client needs and questions even faster than we have in the past. It also provides hands-on experience for Brittany, who is currently pursuing a human resources degree at the University of Central Oklahoma.

Brittany has already completed three years of study toward a psychology degree at UCO, with an original goal of working with kids in a daycare or similar setting. Then she started a job in retail at Family Dollar and quickly got promoted to assistant manager. Her experience at Family Dollar and later at Christopher & Banks included payroll, recruiting, interviewing, and managing a team. She realized how much she enjoyed the work she was doing, and she decided to change her major to human resources.

Brittany looks forward to working with WhyHR’s clients to provide outstanding customer service as she continues to learn more about the HR industry.

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