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As businesses begin, they often start with so few employees that they have no HR department. Small- and medium-sized businesses exist for quite some time this way. As they grow, they eventually find themselves with enough employees that an HR department seems like a good idea.

However, many business owners have had past experiences with HR, often as an employee of another business, and they bring these impressions to the table. Whether or not the owner realizes it, these perceptions can impact the effectiveness of an HR partner within their company.

Let’s talk about a few of the themes we see that impact the way business owners approach HR and some tips for reframing the approach.

HR is not the enemy

Human resources departments are often seen as little more than administrative hurdles. Whether it’s the perspective of the employee that HR is just there to make sure company policy is followed or that they will be little to no help with problems, HR often gets a bad rap. But HR is on your company’s team. We want you to have success and are willing to do what it takes to bridge the gap between your employee’s day-to-day experience and your company’s policy.

HR is not necessary

Coming from an HR company, this one may sound a bit surprising at first. But your business is a growing and successful business even without having a human resources department or partner. In fact, your success allowed you to grow to the point of seeking out human resource services. Strictly speaking, HR is not necessary. Having an HR department does not necessarily allow you to deliver a better end product to your clients.

That said, adding human resources to your business can truly take your business to the next level. Why is that?


HR is a value add

Human resources may not directly impact your end product, but it can have a huge impact on your employees. There is a layer of human resources that is all about the administrative side of keeping records and paperwork and dealing with any issues that arise with employees. But a great human resources department goes far beyond that level of service.

A great approach to human resources means taking a comprehensive look at your people strategy. It focuses on creating a better workplace environment and meeting the needs of your employees. The investment here is in your team.

How can a small business compete for employees when they cannot afford huge incentive plans or pay their employees more than a large corporation? How does your small or medium business go from being a pit stop on an employee’s résumé to a place where they stay, invest themselves, and grow long term? That happens when you have a solid people strategy!

Having a strong HR department that considers all the ways you can improve the work environment and incentive packages for your employees causes employees to take note. It communicates to them a commitment on your part that helps them to want to stay with your company. Human resources can look at the best ways to utilize the resources you do have to invest in your employees.

At WhyHR, we offer so much more than administrative services. We offer strategic services to help your company meet its goals. If you’re ready to implement a great human resources strategy, reach out to our team.

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