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We talk a lot about training employees for their responsibilities, but have you also educated your managers and supervisors on the resources available to them? Managers often spend unneeded time on problems that arise, simply because they are unaware of the resources already within the company. As business owners, it’s our responsibility to be sure that our managers and supervisors know about the resources available to help them do their job effectively.

You must communicate with your managers and supervisors that they are part of a collaborative team and that they are not required to be experts in every aspect of the business. That’s why you have human resources, information technology, and other team members who are available to answer questions and help with problems.

Be clear about how managers can access these resources, encourage them to reach out when needed, and educate them on when they really should ask for help. Recently, I had a conversation with a supervisor who called about a hiring issue. During our call, he realized there were several other issues we could help him navigate. Whether your managers and supervisors need help with hiring, resolving employee problems, or responding to an incident report, they need to know where to go for assistance.

This is particularly relevant for those who have transitioned to working and managing remotely. Supervisors have a big job in managing workers who are spread out across a city (or across the country), and it can feel even more challenging than when in an office. Resources seem even further out of reach and less top-of-mind. If it’s been a while since you last told your managers about the resources available to support them, there’s a good chance they don’t remember.

Communicate all the resources you’ve provided to your team. In fact, this is one of those areas where it’s good to overcommunicate. Be sure they are reaching out for the support when they need it, rather than spinning their wheels on problems that specialized resources could help them handle more effectively. Educate them on what’s available and regularly remind them of key resources so they feel supported and know where to turn.

At WhyHR, we help companies with a wide range of human resources needs. If you need HR support for your managers or need help ensuring managers and supervisors understand the resources available to them, let’s chat.

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