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When hiring for a position, business owners or managers often have a goal of hiring the best candidate with the most experience and talent. We want to challenge you to shift your thinking toward hiring the right fit for both sides.

Are you taking the time in the interview process to discover the goals of the candidate? If not, you can end up in a cycle of high employee turnover. Even if those employees give positive feedback in their exit interviews and say how much they liked working at the company, they’re still leaving for what they see as a better fit somewhere else. It costs your business time and money to replace that employee, and it can leave you in a bind when your best talent decides to go elsewhere.

We know a 100% retention rate isn’t possible. You’ll always have some degree of employee turnover, but taking time to hire the right fit instead of just the best candidate for the lowest price can transform your company. You can drastically reduce turnover and build a long-lasting team that’s highly engaged and committed to your company’s success.

The first step is understanding the strengths of your business and what you have to offer. Whether it’s a great corporate culture, above-average salary rates, or a high level of investment in continuing education, understand what your value is as a company. Hiring the right fit will depend on matching what you have to offer with the candidate’s goals.

In an interview training we offer called “The Art of Interviewing,” we talk about asking candidates what brought them to the interview and to the company. Why are you here? That question opens up a conversation about what they are looking for in a position and can reveal what they value in an employer. If they are highly qualified and a top-notch candidate but view your company as a stepping-stone to better things, it’s probably not the right fit for both sides. A candidate with a little less experience that is looking for an opportunity to learn and grow is likely a better choice, as you can help them develop into a solid member of your team.

Don’t be satisfied with being a short-term stop for employees on their way to their dream job. Take the time to know your value and hire employees that are looking for what you offer. You can be a job for anyone, but what you want is to be the right job for the right employee. When you focus on hiring the right fit for both sides, you can build a highly engaged and talented team to help your business reach its goals.

Need help adjusting your hiring process to focus on hiring the right fit for both sides? Our team can help assess your current process and make recommendations for improvement!

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