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We’re pleased to welcome our new team member Ashley Siegman to the WhyHR team.

In her role as HR consultant, Ashley will be helping small businesses with all things HR. That means everything from employee relations questions to compliance concerns to how to conduct performance evaluations. If you have small business HR questions, Ashley can help answer them.

A native Oklahoman, Ashley graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) with a degree in organizational communications. While in school, she knew she wanted to help people with her degree but wasn’t quite sure what that looked like. She worked as a nanny for a family during college, and they recommended she explore HR as a possible career field.

Her first job in HR was in the nonprofit field, which is a great place to start because you touch nearly every aspect of HR at a nonprofit. She spent five years working in nonprofit before she transitioned to the energy sector, where she worked for several different companies. In her time at Devon, she was responsible for onboarding new hires, answering employee questions, and helping resolve employee conflicts.

With more than a decade of experience in both large and small organizations, Ashley has extensive knowledge of the HR field and is excited about consulting with small businesses to help them grow their companies while proactively managing their human resources.

Her extensive experience with compliance, policy, recruiting, training, and performance management will be a great asset to WhyHR clients of all sizes. She brings skills from a wide variety of HR disciplines to the table, and we’re very excited to welcome her to the team.

Ashley spends most of her free time with her family, including her husband of 11 years and her two young girls.

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