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This summer, we are pleased to welcome intern Karsen Pierce to the WhyHR team. As an intern, Pierce will provide administrative support while spending time learning about the client side of human resources, including HR paperwork, employment interviews, exit interviews, and other topics. She will also be observing calls and meetings with clients throughout the summer.Karsen attends the University of Oklahoma and will graduate with a degree in human relations in spring of 2023. She hopes to learn about the human resource field through the internship and see how it may fit in her future career plans.

After completing her undergraduate degree, Karsen plans to pursue a master’s degree. Her dream is to work in higher education, student affairs, or teaching future generations about human relations.

Outside of class, Pierce is involved with the Student Society for Human Relations, an organization that promotes discussion of human relation topics among all students. Pierce will serve as the president in the upcoming school year and hopes to reinvigorate the group after two years of pandemic restrictions and plan some community service activities.

Pierce also has a passion for travel and aims to study abroad in London as a part of her post graduate work.

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