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The needs of our employees change regularly, and it can be challenging for employers to keep up with what matters most. That’s even more true in 2020 with such massive change in so many aspects of our lives. The landscape of everyone’s lives has changed drastically, and the benefits and perks that we offer should reflect those changes.

As employers we want to meet the needs of our employees and offer benefits that matter to them. When trying to decide what perks to offer, don’t get caught in the trap of thinking you know what your workers need before talking to them. Instead, open dialogue with your employees and let them know you want to hear what they need and want. Let them tell you what their top priorities are. Though they may still vary quite a bit from one employee to the next, you can generally spot some trends overall.

One great way of doing this is taking a survey or a poll, whether completely open ended or to get feedback on specific ideas you have. This is called an employee perks survey. As our employees reassess what is important to them, ask them how you can add value to their lives, then ask yourself how you as a company can pivot to meet those needs. The most important thing is to listen to what would serve your team and respond to it.

Where to start

Start by evaluating the perks that you have always offered, and whether those perks apply in the current work environment. Did you supply coffee and snacks in the office or a workout room in the building? For those working remotely, those perks no longer add value to the worker’s day. Ask yourself if there are other ways you can add value for your employees.

There are many different perks you could offer, but here are several ideas we have to get you started. Once you have some ideas, poll your team to see what appeals to them.

Equipment for a home office: As remote work stretches on and becomes a reality into 2021 for many, are there ways to contribute to home offices? Many employees have transitioned from well-planned and well-equipped desk space at the office with multiple monitors and a nice chair to a laptop and a corner of the dining room table. Whether funding a purchase for their office or allowing work equipment to be transferred home, workers may appreciate a better workspace.

Fitness: Regular exercise helps reduce stress and increase productivity, which is a good thing for your employees and your company. If you previously provided an on-site gym or paid for a gym membership that employees may now be hesitant to use, look into streaming services for at-home workouts. That could be an added perk for your employees even if you didn’t offer a gym membership before.

Pet services: Many employees have pets as part of their family. Offering pet insurance through your company or other perks related to pets can be a nice added boost for your employees.

Delivery and in-home services: There are many services you could offer to your employees, whether paid grocery delivery, on-site oil changes, dry cleaning, or meal delivery services. Look for ways to keep employees safe in their homes while still getting things accomplished.

Other services: Offering Direct Primary Care www.plproviders.com, telemedicine or financial planning services may be something of interest to your employees as well, so ask about what other services would be meaningful to them.

There are many ways to add value to your team member’s lives and show your appreciation for them, but what they want and need is going to change over time. We want to keep up with those changes by communicating with employees and seeing where they are, both in the current pandemic and beyond.

Need help evaluating your formal and informal benefits that you offer to employees and ensuring they align with current needs? Contact WhyHR today to schedule a consultation.

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