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When it comes to human resources needs, there are lots of companies out there that may be able to help with different pieces of the HR puzzle, such as benefits, payroll, insurance, policy, etc. So why should you hire an HR consulting firm? One simple reason: You don’t know what you don’t know, and education matters.

Education is everything

At WhyHR, education is our first priority. We want our clients to be educated about risk and to understand good risk and bad risk as they make decisions about their people strategy and how to grow their business.

We also want them to know that we get it. We understand why you’ve done business this way for so long, but we want to help educate you on the ways you can reduce risk and ensure compliance. We’re here to show you why treating your employees the right way is important, why being compliant with government standards is important, and how the right HR policies and procedures can make your business stronger.

We’re here to be a partner so you know what’s coming. You may not know what you don’t know, but that’s why we’re here: to show you how you can be better today than you were yesterday. To talk about options you may not realize even exist. And we’re here to empower you to make better choices today and in the future.

In short, we’re here to educate and inform. We’re a partner.

Why people strategy matters

When we’re out in the business community talking to people, we often hear business owners say, “Oh, I already have HR.” But what they usually mean is, “I have a HR technology platform,” or “I have a recruiter,” or “I have an office manager that handles that stuff.”

Those are all good things that can be beneficial for a business. But none of that takes the place of one important thing: people strategy. Do you have a long-term plan for the people, the human resources, in your business? Your people strategy and the risk you take on when you hire employees can make or break your business. We’ve seen it happen so many times to companies that hired too many people too fast and couldn’t sustain it or who made a few missteps in compliance and got fined so heavily they closed their doors. Thinking strategically about people strategy from day one of your business is important.

The WhyHR difference

We have clients who use a wide range of different HR platforms for payroll, benefits, time tracking, and all those other details. We have some we recommend to our clients, because they are part of comprehensive HR, but those platforms aren’t teaching them how to grow their team strategically.

This is what makes WhyHR different. It’s something we’re passionate about. We want to show you the possibilities. This is why we’re called “WhyHR”—because we want to show you why human resources should matter to you and help you truly understand your options in any scenario.

You don’t know what you don’t know, but we can help you know more of it and make educated decisions about your people strategy. Contact WhyHR today to discuss our services.

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